Other Process'

In the course of our business activities, we come into contact with many other members of the Architectural, Engineering and Construction community. Of course, it is not only the builders and subcontractors who can benefit from our services - architects, consulting engineers and project managers, amongst others also need to know the status of certain tenders. Should you wish to receive only notification of the results of tenders then this subscription package will suit you.

Each week we send you the latest TENDER RESULTS, keeping you right up to date with all the current contracts. In addition, this bulletin contains other relevant information such as builders tendering on other projects, amendments or variations to contracts, etc. 

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Cost And Benefits


We have various subscription rates depending on the service supplied and the areas that are covered. Please contact us for further details.

A FREE TRIAL to see if MULTI-QUANT can work for you, IS AVAILABLE:

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and the Benefits?

  • Instant current and factual sales leads
  • Costly time saving
  • Information on who is tendering on what
  • Results of Tenders

Will it Suit you?

MULTI - QUANT serves a wide range of trades and business types. It doesn’t replace other methods of finding work, but it does give you back valuable hours by delivering full, reliable and timely information on major building projects.

  • Do I need an easier method of finding work?
  • Do I need an easier method to make the most of the tender market?
  • Do I need CURRENT & FACTUAL sales leads?
  • Do I need my company name circulated?
  • Do I need the results of tenders?